Turning water crises
into opportunities
for peacebuilding
Ngari, China

Water insecurity is increasing worldwide, straining relations between people, communities and entire countries. With innovative tools and services, the Water, Peace and Security (WPS) partnership helps stakeholders to identify and understand water-related security risks and undertake timely, informed and inclusive action for conflict prevention and mitigation.

3rd International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding
Jun 19 - Jun 21 Leiden University and Online, The Hague, Netherlands
Stockholm World Water Week
Aug 20 - Aug 24 Stockholm, Sweden
International Day of Peace
Sep 21 - Sep 21 Online

Act: Tool Dock

Solving conflict

"It's important to know why conflict is happening, what the role of water is, and what factors you can influence either as a policy maker in the respective region, or as an external partner, to solve the conflict. "

Susanne Schmeier, IHE Delft

Crucial data

"Data is fundamental to understanding where the risks are highest, what's driving these risks, and they suggest what possible solutions might be, in order to mitigate these risks. "

Charles Iceland, World Resources Institute

Regional impact

"WPS helps Malian decision-makers, civil society and local communities to understand the link between water, peace and security. This fosters the hope for peaceful, shared and sustainable management of natural resources in the Inner Niger Delta. "

Karounga Keïta, Wetlands International Sahel Office

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